Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Meal Planning and Shopping List

Okay, My tip that I want to share is a simple system to keep me organized with my menu planning and shopping list.
Here are the steps: ( See Photos)

  1. I plan out my menus/shopping list 4 weeks ahead. * I put them in a packet using a page protector. In each packet I have a Menu Plan, Shopping List and all recipes needed for that week. No Hunting for anything. Then I save them in a 3-ring binder. I plan to later rotate them, the works already done.
  2. One MP-Meal Plan is on the fridge where everyone looks to see what we are having for the current week. *
  3. Second MP is on the side of the fridge. But, I pull out the shopping list and make a copy. Putting that copy on the front of fridge to use as my Weekly Shopping list. Iwrite in extra items needed ie: breakfast or lunch items or to remind me to replace something in my pantry. I buy the items for the next week on Thursday of the current week. So, if I need something I have time to buy it without racing around on the day I need it .
  4. Third MP Packet is found in my 3-ring binder, ready to go on the fridge.
  5. On Wednesday of the current week I plan out my menu for the Step 4.
  6. I put the current week on Friday back in the 3-ring binder, because on the weekend I have Planned to have that Saturday is C.O.R.N - (Clean out Fridge Night )or our family may have a night out on the town. Then on Sunday I have freezer Meal Night. During the week I make a double batch for the freezer, that way I spend more time with the family and less in the kitchen.
Hope this gives you some ideas for organizing your menus!!!For Menu Ideas Check out - I have found some great recipes, tried different foods, and learned new ways to cook things. The bonus is I saved some money while doing it!!!

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WHOW said...

I love this idea!! I am definately going to try this. Then maybe when my husband and I start trying for children, I will already be organized when it comes to meal planning!

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